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A young man and woman, well known at FARE, were provided with the opportunity to take part in overseas learning expeditions.

A local boy received training in Belgium and London as part of his preparation in becoming a peer educator. Once qualified, he was then sent on placement to Greece where his duties included the promotion of the safe message in association with drug and alcohol related use.

A young woman, also from the area, was then nominated by the staff at FARE to participate in a 10-week expedition with Rally International. The girl survived a selection procedure and continued on to a trip to Namibia, in Africa as part of an Environmental Community Project. This was a 10 week project, found very enjoyable by the girl taking part who now works as a volunteer at a horse riding club where she helps out with disabled children. Such learning opportunities are important at FARE. Had the service at FARE not existed, such opportunities would not have been available to these young people.

Editor's Note: Article Source::: http://www.eastglasgow.co.uk/fare/excursion.html

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