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i will be sharing to you all about my leyte tour......enjoy!

the sportsfest!

Philippines Tacloban City, Philippines  |  Jul 18, 2008
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 it happend so fast....yet somehow it feels like forever! bwahaahahahaha... 

It has been a year now, yet memories of the sportsfest last year are still fresh. A year has past yet it seems like it only happened yesterday. Truly time flies so fast, so fast but sometimes not enough. There are just things that we'd like and love to do with our time yet sometimes even when we're not done with it yet, some other things would come and demands our attention and time and make us leave those things in the past undone.

It wasn't long ago, that the second sportsfest was celebrated. The spirit of competition was so high that some wasn't able to restrain from raising voices against fellow competitor and exchange few unhealthy words, gladly those kind of emotions died right away and we were back to a healthy competition once again.

During the first day, we played the ballgames. It was full of fun, as each one is betting on their team to win. Well there were no money involved, but the spirits were high that sharp looks weren't avoided on the court. But as everyone was playing for fun, a hand shake is always done every after game and some even gave few congratulatory words. Personally, I almost ran out of air, yet I was still able to manage a smile since I enjoyed the games so much, it was the first time I played basketball for almost a year, with additional body weight from last year of almost 20 pounds, i had a hard time catching up with the others when they were running for a fast break.

The second day, we played badminton and others played wall climbing. I only played badminton coz it's more easier for me that wall climbing. That's based on experience, you see, I've tried wall climbing once before, and I didn't wall climb again coz first, i gained weight, and second, for me it's just not my stuff.

Well, that two day sportsfest happened so fast yet somehow it feels like forever, specially when i was running out of air when we were playing basketball and there was still about five minutes left on the game clock, oh man it seems like the clock isn't running at all coz running up and down the court takes all the energy and air in me.

But to sum it all up, that two day event was AWESOME! 'though I my whole body ached after that, difinitely for lack of exercise prior to the games, I still feel great coz i sweat a lot it's like the equivalent of my whole year sweat. bwahahahahaha! I hope next year, we'll have sportsfest again, and am gonna prepare myself now.

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